Your Power Chef Next Door

Your Power Chef Next Door

Antonio Saladino is beind the counter paring meltingly tender Kobe beef for one customer and calling out to another just-arrived, “Mrs. Lee, we have those oysters you ordered, shucked and ready.” No charge for the shucking, of course. This is Antonio at his best: preparing outstanding food for the people he counts as customers, neighbors and friends at Antonio’s Gourmet Market sited in spectacular LaFayette Village.

Trained by Lagasse  amp; Prudhomme

Raised in New Orleans, Antonio trained under Emeril Lagasse and Paul Prudhomme. He honed his skills at The Double Musky and The Chesterfield cooking for Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Prince Ranier of Monaco and other luminaries. But, Antonio doesn’t want to talk about that. “If people are interested in that, that’s fine. But you won’t find any egos here. We’re all about great food,” says Antonio, sparking, instead, to the subject of the take-out dinner he’s creating for a group of women who want to share a gourmet evening without busting the calorie bank. He’s planned a superb braised southwest seafood sausage of fresh halibut, hog snapper and pumpkin swordfish drizzled with a sauce fume and a microgreen salad in a Modena Balsamic aged twenty years. The first course is, if anything, surpassed by the second course of baby tender spring chicken over shoe string vegetables and lemon-caper buerre blanc sauce paired with a Far Niente chardonnay. It’s all finished with a Chambord poached pear under cr¨me fraiche with fresh Italian figs.

Wander the Aisles

The Market stocks the world’s best: home made, Italian sausages, cheeses that range from well-known imported Reggianos to the less familiar French Explorateur Triple Cream Cow’s Milk. Foodies will happily lose themselves for hours here. And, the dishes Antonio and his team create reflect the worldly-yet-communal feel of LaFayette Village.

Dine In or Take Out

Prepared Foods: Daily menus of complex dishes.

Fresh Produce: Many from just up the road.

Specialty Pizzas: Like white pizza — whole wheat dough brushed with black truffle oil, topped with roasted garlic, sundried tomatoes, fresh spinach, fresh mozzarella and Reggiano Parmigiana.

Butchery: Real behind-the-meat butcher counter.

Soup Bar: Five fresh-made daily.

Wine Shop: Expert pairings.

Pastry Shop, Seafood Counter, and even a Cooking School to ensure you can confidently prepare anything on the shelves.

Gourmet meals in the heart of your neighborhood — Antonio’s embodies the idea that good food forges strong connections.

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