Quality Workmanship: A Preparation Requirement

quality workmanship

The following is a guest post from real estate economist and expert Alex Vasser, based out of Manhattan.

About Quality Workmanship

When Fixing Up To Sell–Quality Workmanship Matters! Some many people ask me what needs to be done to get a home ready to sell. Obviously cleaning and de-cluttering are priorities…but some times a little more is necessary to enhance you profit possibilities.

Instead of focusing on how to clean and fix-up your home–I think I will tell you about what NOT to do…read on…and learn something from this story–it could save your pocketbook.

We’ve all heard the saying that goes: “If it’s not worth doing right, it’s not worth doing”.

This weekend my sister and I went to a For Sale By Owner-Open House. You see, I looked at this house a few months ago when the original owner’s family was selling it…a cute house that was in bad need of renovation. I suspect they bought it in the mid to upper twenty-thousand range. It is located in a sleepy-little town where older homes are often bought and renovated.

For weeks I had noticed that the windows and siding on the outside of the house were not level. Your eye is immediately drawn to it. I was astonished even more as I walked up… Look at some of the things I noticed in regards to quality workmanship.

The green-trim highlight did not match the rest of the house Paint was sloppy and overlapping on to the windows and doors The wallpaper in the dining room was on UPSIDE DOWN! The sheetrock was uneven in EVERY ROOM! The tape/floating job was coming apart at the seams The spacing of the ceramic tile was uneven and not straight The added pantry wall was crooked The kitchen cabinets sagged The bathroom vanity did not fit the provided space–very odd design 18 of the 27 electrical outlet, phone, cable plates were grossly askew The cedar walls added in the den were not sanded prior to staining…rough and gritty The wallpaper in the master bedroom was not even and was already peeling

These defects were all in things that were done to the house since these people bought it! Talk about “quality workmanship”!

I could go on and on and on…but the biggest surprise is that the only thing straight in this house was the look on the owners face when they said they were asking $115,000! I am still in shock…which is why I felt like this had to be addressed.

You can not expect to buy a home for $25,000 or so…drive down to the local home improvement store, spend about $12,000, do the work yourself and expect to sell the home for $115,000 unless you have some pretty darn impressive carpentry skills.

Alex Vasser can be reached on Twitter at @alexvasser2.