10 Creative Tips for a Real Estate Flyer

Real Estate flyer

Whether you are renting or selling your home, an attractive, informational real estate flyer will save you time and money. They are easy to make and should provide all the information necessary for a perspective renter or buyer. Sometimes it is hard for the seller to know what to include in a flyer, but if you hit the main selling points of the home, you cannot go wrong.

Features and Facts


The real estate flyer should include a features section that describes the special features a perspective buyer or renter would be interested in, such as:


The amount of acreage the house sits on


Number of rooms and specifics such as 3 bedrooms (12′ X 14″), 2 ½ baths


Living space (square feet)


The average yearly or monthly utility costs


Asking price and yearly taxes


The foundation of the house (poured or cinder block)


Closet space – how many and are they walk-ins


Eat-in kitchen and dining room


Carpeting or hardwood floors


The year the house was built


The type of windows, double or triple pane, east to clean


The age of the roof and what type of roof (fiberglass shingles)


Central heating and air conditioning – age is of both


List of appliances that stay with the home


City water and sewer


Deck or patio


Garden area


Special Feature


Most people design or add-on to their homes to give it a special comfort just for them, but this can also be an added selling point. Before we sold our home, we remodeled the kitchen, adding floor to ceiling pantries. This was a special feature that older homes do not have and was a special feature that helped in selling our home.


Hot tub or Jacuzzi


Walk-in closets with space saving shelving


Industrial strength garbage disposal


Security System


Vaulted ceilings


Fireplaces – type, gas or wood, made with stone or tile


Energy efficient furnace


Italian tile floors


Crystal Chandeliers


10 Tips for a Creative Real Estate Flyer


  1. Real estate flyers can be located in a specially designed weatherproof box next to your ‘For Rent’ or ‘For Sale’ sign or you can post them in public areas such as grocery stores, shopping malls, or laundry mats.


  1. If posting real estate flyers in public places, be sure to add pull-off tabs at the bottom with your name, address, telephone number, and email address.


  1. If posting a real estate flyer in public places, add a map the shows where your house is located.


  1. Add a color print of the outside of the house, plus one or two rooms from within.


  1. Use bold print to define special features.


  1. Offset features and facts with outlined columns and rows.


  1. Avoid flowery boarders and stick to a more business look on your flyer.


  1. I feel including floor plans of the house in a flyer should not be done. It may help sell or rent your home, but it also provides burglars a layout of your home.


  1. Include all school names and districts, and child and adult day cares in the area.


  1. List ALL appliances include with the house.


When creating your real estate flyer, keep it simple and professional looking, list the homes basic features and facts, include the special features that will help sell your home, and include at least one recent photo of the outside of the house.


Source: Major Realty

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